About Us

TOMO Power Bank is committed to researching, developing and manufacturing the newest innovative products for global users. It’s our long term goal to create premium quality devices but with affordable price.

What does TOMO mean?

TOMO is an abbreviation of tomorrow.

1. Tomorrow TOMO will produce the best power banks.
2. Tomorrow TOMO will do everything to maximize your profits.
3. Tomorrow TOMO will rock you with its continuous innovation.
4. Tomorrow TOMO will be the most trusted global supplier in energy industry.

Why TOMO Power Bank?

We are a company who is good at thinking, innovative and ethical, providing the best and highest quality products today. All the time we give you our best, take responsibility for our actions and treasure every opportunity. You’re ensured the peace of mind that our products are designed exclusively for you.

  • Our products speak louder than words.
  • Satisfying you is our persistent goal.
  • Impress you by using the best and professional service.
  • Always be honest to you.

TOMO Power Bank is your secret weapon.
TOMO Power Bank is your trusted partner.
TOMO Power Bank is an engine to stimulate your development.