DIY USB Power Bank

Nowadays, the whole market is being inundated with all kinds of power banks. For instance, 1. material inside of portable chargers can be different(now popular ones are Lithium-ion and Li-polymer). 2. The capacities differ(2500mAh, 3000mAh, 10400mAh, and 12000mAh etc.). 3. Various of appearance designs are available. 4. With good quality or poor quality? All above make it quite difficult for customers to choose a suitable device.

How to choose a powerbank? It depends on you. Because you will DIY your own usb power bank today. But how to DIY usb power bank?

Firstly you need two or four 18650 batteries in hand.

Secondly you need a TOMO V8-2 or TOMO V8-4 portable charger.

Thirdly put your 18650 batteries into the charger.

After the above steps your DIY usb power bank is done.

Now connect it with your cell phone, IPAD, or camera, and turn on the power button. On the LCD of the top of it you’ll see battery condition. When it said battery is getting low, charge the device with the adapter.It’s very easy.
Why do you DIY power bank? The reasons are as follows.

1. The quality is decided by yourself. As we all know the quality of the battery cell is essential to a power bank, however, in the whole DIY process, you have the initiative to choose the batteries. You can buy some very good brand such as Panasonic, Sanyo, LG or Samsung, which makes the charging much safer.

2. You can choose the capacities according to your needs. For instance, if you have 2600mAh in hand, with TOMO V8-2, you can get Maximum 5200mAh, and with TOMO V8-4, 10400mAh.

3. Save money for you. If you already have 18650 batteries but don’t have power bank or happen to have your packs not worked, you don’t need to buy another power bank any more.

4. It’s worthy. What customers care most is if the money they paid is worthy. If buy a counterfeit at the cost of buying authentic, it’s not worthy to do it.

5. Recycle your batteries and protect environment.

Last but not the least, be caution of safety when choosing a portable charger or box. The model TOMO V8-2 and TOMO V8-4 portable charger are very safe, since they’re equipped with the over-charging protection circuit and wrong battery installation reminder function.