TOMO Portable Power Bank V8-2 & V8-4 Instruction 2

Welcome to review TOMO Portable TOMO V8-2 & TOMO V8-4 instruction.

1. At the first sight you may be impressed by the solid and well-made appearance of TOMO V8. It will be filled in 2 or 4 18650 battery cells, so it can’t be as slim as Li-polymer chargers.

2. You press the button on the top, and it will be turned on in 2-3 seconds. On the other top side, you’ll see “power on” on the LCD display (Actually this will happen automatically also when connected with a USB device or charger).

3. As soon as turned on, on the LCD it displays the approximate charge quantity of each battery.

4. Within 40 seconds after powered on, if without any connection to a device, it’ll power off automatically.

5. When charge your iPhone or iPad, on the right of the LCD, you’ll see animated indicator over the port which is drawing current is moving from left to right in a scanning way. If charge 2 devices at the same time, you’ll see two scanning indicator.

6. Due to its function of anti-overdischarging protection, when all the cells drop below 3.0V, TOMO V8 will turn off itself.

7. You can charge V8 with an adapter or connect it with a computer to charge, however, in the latter way, it will take more time for the output current of a computer or a laptop is no more than 500mAh. When charging, a plug can be seen on the left of LCD display. In the middle the battery indicators show that each battery is receiving current in an animated way.

8. TOMO V8 has the protection of reverse polarity, so when an incorrect insertion was made, from the LCD you will find out. But sometimes if the battery has low power also has the same indication.

9. You can charge your phone or camera when TOMO V8 is being charged.

10. Since TOMO V8-2 and TOMO V8-4 also have function of charging and discharging each cell independently, so you have more freedom to choose how many cells and how many capacities to fill in. Filled with one battery, it can work. So can four batteries. If filled with one 2600mAh cell, you can charge your iPhone6 one time, but if with 4 batteries respectively 2600mAh, 1500mAh, 2000mAh, and 2500mAh, your Iphone6 can be charged 4.5 times.

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  • John Douglas

    Hello, I have one of these units and I love it.
    I wish you would make a larger 8 cell unit, that would be great!@
    I would also love to see a larger version that could run a laptop as a battery extender.
    keep up the great work.

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